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Radiator Repair & Replacement Services

As your vehicle’s first line of defense against overheating, your radiator works hard to protect your car. GL Moore Tire Pros offers comprehensive radiator repair and replacement services at our auto repair shop in Springfield, MO. Maintaining your radiator can save you money on engine repair, not to mention the hassle. Keeping your engine cool can help your engine perform at its peak. Learn more about our radiator services and contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Understanding Your Car’s Radiator

There are many components under the hood that could melt or warp if your radiator wasn’t doing its job. The radiator has several pieces, including the cap, cooling fins, core tubes, hoses, engine inlets and outlets, and thermostat. Learn more about some parts that may need to be repaired or replaced:

  • Radiator – If the radiator does not have enough fluids, the engine’s heat becomes trapped, and the temperature rises. Radiator fluid should be changed every two years.
  • Radiator Hoses – There are two main hoses that allow coolant to run through the system. If one of them becomes brittle or develops a leak, it needs to be repaired right away.
  • Water Pump – This component moves the engine coolant through the system, earning it the nickname the “beating heart” of the engine cooling process.

Signs You Need Radiator Repair

Other than overheating, there are additional signs that your radiator requires repair. Bring your vehicle to our radiator repair shop if you experience any of the following:

Leaking Coolant

If you see a puddle of green, red, yellow, or orange under your vehicle, it’s likely leaking coolant. You could have a crack or hole in your radiator or hoses. Coolant is dangerous to pets, wildlife, and the environment.

Cold Radiator

If your radiator is cold to the touch after running your car for a few minutes, your radiator might be clogged.

Engine Overheating

If you notice vapor coming from under the hood or a burning odor, bring in your vehicle immediately. You may also see a light or gauge on your dash indicating overheating.

Low Coolant Light

If you are continually adding coolant, you likely have a crack in your radiator or a tank or hose. Don’t keep adding coolant; visit us for effective repair services.

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